Facebook, AKA, ‘a place where everyone can bitch and moan at everyone else?’

It’s an easy to use sounding board brought to us by the wonders of modern technology, has a secure foothold today.

It offers others, who are – nine times out of ten – into the same hobby, past time, sport or religion as you are to come together to ‘discuss and enlighten’. Or in some cases to show what they have cooked for dinner…… that’s another story.

Yet, as with most drugs, and that’s what it is, it’s addictive, lots of us just can’t leave it alone, sadly, it seems that certain users can become a little corrupt and aggressive after prolonged usage. don’t get me wrong, I’ve no issue with people taking the mick, it’s parr for the course, you can handle that, well most of us can anyway. BUT nasty is nasty, simple…

It seems that those who have an opinion to voice will do so no matter what the consequences are.

Making things worse, FB has Messenger, a private messaging facility, surely to goodness these; ne’er-do-wells have the brain capacity to contact others this way rather than spouting off for all unsundry to read on FB proper?

The best of it is that you can guarantee that many ‘armchair anglers’!

 I love FB, who doesn’t, but I often get my cage rattled by someone or another and that rattling usually prompts me to reply. I shouldn’t. But sometimes the red mist comes down and before I know it, I’ve opened my mouth!! However, within minutes of posting, I normally edit my riposte.

 What I’m trying to say here, in my own little way, is that we should use these site properly, to gain knowledge and also to share knowledge (not a photo of beans on toast) or for giving someone a hard time because they’ve tied a fly and it’s not quite perfect or fished the wrong one ( in your opinion). Isn’t a shame that there is always someone ready to criticize and put others down? It’s these put down that sow the seed of doubt in new people to the sport. Think before you post, or you could end up putting people off and that’s the last thing we want in our sport.

 The information that’s to be found on FB can help you grow and flourish as an angler and often as a person.

To all those sensible posters, keep up the great work.

A fly is a fly..

A fish is fish..

To the rest, come on let’s not abuse one another, we can use it responsibly and try and behave like adults.

(that includes me)

3 thoughts on “Facebook……

  1. Hi Steve,
    Re the Ultimate River Nymph

    Just been told that Hends don’t do #36, they do a #46 which is a green peacock.
    Is this correct??
    Malcolm N


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