Adrian Bennett

I hadn’t fished for a few years and wanted to sharpen up my tactics so when the conditions were against me – I’d feel confident in which techniques to apply under which conditions. I therefore decided to take a couple of days out with Steve.
Despite the usual shocking conditions I seem to pick for a days fishing – gale force wind and a massive swell on Draycote followed by intense sun and heat on Rutland – I had a brilliant time with Steve. I learnt loads about both how fish respond under the different conditions and how to tweak technique to get them in the net. We caught plenty of fish and I learnt so many new things. I also saw the effectiveness of the popper fry first hand! Steve is great company in the boat and a great teacher.
On a super tough day on Rutland I managed a personal best brown of 5lb – what a cracking fish and a cracking day out.
Thanks Steve – looking forward to some fry feeders in the Autumn!

Adrian Bennet,



Dan Price

I booked a day with Steve in order to sharpen up a few areas of my river fishing and also to add some new tactics for targeting tricky fish in low water.

I came away from the day having learned an absolute ton.

Some bad habits and weaknesses were identified to work on, and also some new techniques added to my quiver.

Above all the day was thoroughly enjoyable with great company, Steve’s knowledge and ability and also and amazing openness to share his his secrets make him a great teacher.

It won’t be the last day I book with him that’s for sure!

Dan Price, 

Tunbridge Wells


Murray Ferguson

“I had the great fortune of spending a day under the tutelage of Steve Cullen fly fishing on Pitsford Reservoir. I did not take long to realise that Steve is a fly fishing maestro. His intuitive reading of the conditions, feeding activity and pattern selection was exceptional. His enthusiasm and passion for fly fishing ensured that my day was an enormous success. Variable conditions throughout the day simply enabled Steve to show me how to test my fishing prowess against the trout.

With his relentless pursuit, clever pattern selection and innate fishing skill it was an exciting contest for me. A superb day indeed, I learnt a great deal from his willingness to share his knowledge and from his infectious personality. I absolutely recommend an outstanding day on the water with Steve”

Murray Ferguson
Whangamata, New Zealand



James Peters

“Steve is one of these ‘natural’ type guys that makes everything look easy – he could teach you to read the water, match the hatch, any fishing technique that you’ve ever heard of (Czech nymphing, French nymph, dry fly and so many other things.

However more than that – he’s a fishing machine and will put in every ounce of effort required to track down the fish and make sure that you are doing the right thing in order to enjoy your day.”

James Peters
Milton Keynes, England



Tim Trapp

No-one lives and breathes fly fishing more than Mr Cullen. He knows how to fish that’s for sure! Whether it’s still or running water, whichever technique you want to try, regardless of target species he’s more than capable of guiding anyone at any level.

You’re guaranteed a memorable day with Steve and I can say from experience his advice will make a really big difference to your knowledge and catch-rate. Fishing is Steve’s genuine passion. He’s informal, at times, but bloody effective.

He must be one of the most generous blokes in the fishing industry – he never stops giving his time, enthusiasm, knowledge and advice

I can recommend Steve not only to new or inexperienced anglers but to experienced or returning anglers – he knows about everything fly fishing, including equipment, some of the best fly tying you’ve seen, presentations and talks.”

Tim Trapp
Manchester, England



Halldor Gunnarsson

I’ve had the pleasure to know and to fish with Mr. Cullen over the past few years and I must say that I have never met anyone as knowledgeable and enthusiastic about fly fishing!

He absolutely knows all the tips and tricks and he sure knows how to fish! On both Lakes and rivers, no matter the location, species, or whatever the situation, I was always in for a treat, thanks to Mr. Cullen.
I would recommend him highly as a fishing guide and for anyone at any level. Not only will you have a superb day, but you will have gained a lot, he is such a knowledge base for anything fly fishing!

Halldor Gunnarsson
Flugubullan / The Fly Shack,



Robert Middleton

I had the pleasure of going out for an afternoon with Steve Cullen a few weeks ago and I can honestly say that he showed me tactics and a some methods of tackling my own water which I’d never have thought of had I been on my own.

Given the fact that he has fished at such a high level for number of years his grasp of venues and techniques in order to succeed on these places makes him pretty much invaluable to anyone looking to improve their fly fishing game.

His knowledge is second to none, exceptional. He is true ambassador to our sport, and his delivery while teaching is spot on, he’s very personable with a ‘matter of fact’ approach that makes you feel at ease in his company.
Robert Middleton,


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