Guiding & Instruction

Guiding & Instruction

I can offer guiding and instruction services on the popular and World Famous Midland Reservoirs:

  • Rutland Water
  • Grafham Water
  • Pitsford Water
  • Ravensthorpe
  • Draycote Water

The famous Derbyshire Rivers:

  • River Derwent
  • River Wye
  • River Dove
  • River Lathkill

And also the  Welsh River Dee and various Southern chalkstreams.

Assisting  with all methods of fly fishing, from river dry fly and nymphing techniques through to sunk line work and ‘finesse’ fishing on the larger reservoirs. I offer sound, up-to-date advice which will help you progress as an angler.

However, if there’s a particular venue that you wish to fish, then please get in touch and I will try to accommodate your needs. There is a myriad of small stillwaters, reservoirs and rivers to visit all of which I can guide on and help you to up your catch rate.


Reservoir Boat Fishing

An 8lb 12oz overwintered rainbow trout taken on a deep-fished Buzzer on Grafham Water.

What You Can learn

  • Boat Handling & Safety
  • Tackle requirements and fly choice
  • Fishing with modern sinking lines either from a drifting or anchored boat, how to fish the hang, find the feeding depth, use various retrieve rates and select the correct fly patterns to induce takes
  • The secrets to successful nymphing – how to fish ‘straight-line’ nymphs from a floater or sink tip line, choosing the ideal team of flies to cover the various depths in the water column
  • Static nymph fishing with the aid of a bite indicator or Bung
  • Dry fly and emerger fishing – how to target surface-feeding trout with the correct outfit, the tactics and flies which you need to employ in order to fish in, on or under the surface film and being able recognise particular rise forms

River Fishing

A winter grayling from the River Teviot, this beauty was quick to show off its impressive dorsal!

What You Can learn

  • Nymphing – how to use the leader correctly, construct the appropriate tippet for perfect delivery. Choose the best nymphs and weight of fly for the specific runs, depth, current and how detect every take
  • Dry fly, how to construct a leader for perfect delivery, perform upstream and downstream presentation cast to combat drag, make the appropriate fly choice and play fish on light tippets
  • Bugging or EURO Nymphing – how to read the river, tailor your team of flies for different flows, detect takes when using both braid or nylon tippets, playing fish in fast water

Small Stillwaters

Small water fishing can really throw up some wonderful surprises, this stunning brown trout certainly put a smile on my face.

What You Can learn

  • Get the most from your floating line – why it can help aid take detection, how to fish your flies round in an enticing arc and present them at the critical depth
  • The nuances of fishing lures correctly – how to match your line’s sink rate to the fly pattern and retrieve them in a manner to get positive hook-ups. Also how to make the most of teaming different colours and styles of fly on the same leader to increase your chances
  • How to get the most from both static and mobile approaches on the day by reading the water and watching what is going on around you

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