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loch style poloroid


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What you can learn:

• Fishing with modern sinking lines, from a drifting or anchored boat
• How to fish the hang, find the feeding depth, use various retrieve rates and select the correct fly patterns
• The secrets to successful nymphing – how to fish ‘straight-line’ nymphs, master the midge-tip line and put a team of flies together
• Dry fly and emerger fishing – how to target surface-feeding trout, choose the right tackle and tactics, fish in, on or under the surface film and recognise rise forms


river poloroid

What you can learn:

• The art of French Nymphing – how to use the leader correctly, construct the appropriate tippet, choose the best nymphs for the specific run/depth, detect every take
• Short-range dry fly – how to construct a leader for perfect delivery, perform upstream and downstream presentation, make the appropriate fly choice, play fish on light tippets
• Bugging or Czech Nymphing – how to read the river, tailor your team of flies for different flows, detect takes when using both braid and nylon tippets




stillwater poloroid

What you can learn:

• Get the most from your floating line – why it can help aid take detection, fish your flies round in an enticing arc, present flies at a critical depth • The nuances of fishing lures correctly – how to match your line’s sink rate to the fly pattern, retrieve them to get positive hook-ups, make the most of teaming different colours/styles of fly on the same leader
• Present your offerings with the aid of an indicator – how to choose the correct one for the job, get the most from both static and mobile approaches, pick the flies to make all the difference when it comes to catching.


Learn plentyu of all-round skills, from dry-fly fishing to deep-water nymphing. Your day can be tailored to your preferred style of fishing, or let him show you how he would approach the day based on the conditions.

If there are any other styles or methods that you would like to know about then please feel free to get in touch: EMAIL HERE

Fly-tying tuition is also provided if required: EMAIL HERE

If you wish I can capture your day on camera with a host of stunning images, all of which can be transferred to a disc and supplied to you: EMAIL HERE